Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tires 1 year in Review

Time for one of my favourite things, is a year in reviews of products. This one coming at you is my Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 37x 12.50×17 tires that were given to me in may of 2019. This was one of my first big items given to me to review and to test out on my JL. I headed into this already well versed in Mickey Thompson tires, they have been my favourite since I discovered them when I first bought my TJ (new…years & years ago!). Iv run variations of Mickey Thompson tires over the years, so when I spoke to Bill and he wanted me to try out their just launched Baja Boss tires, I was all over that.

First we put them on the JL and I ran them for 6 months. In those 6 months the tires hit the sand dunes in Michigan, daily drove, rock climbed, went good ol’ muddin’, and did some long distance road trips. They performed amazingly, and did everything I wanted and more. After the 6 months, we actually ripped the JL apart (this blog is coming!), and I really wanted to test out the Baja Bosses’ in the winter. So we stuck them on the JK as my winters, and I drove on them 5 months, hitting rain, slush, snow storms, ice, all the wonders of ontario weather. Once again, loved them (and will be going back on as winters again this year).

The things I love about Mickey Thompson is they aren’t afraid to be bold, stand out, and try new things. The asymmetrical tread designed isn’t seen from many tire brands, and it really makes the Baja Boss look so sharp. Its actually to help with road noise, and handling, but we all know that looks are more important then function….right? The aggressive sidebiter sidewall, which is much bigger the the a/t & m/t from them, gives me exactly what I want in every single tire, mean looking, grippy, and helps me get over whatever obstacle I want to go up. And the deep & wide voids are to enhance off road traction, which they do, and they look good doing it.

Overall, this tire is everything and more, and has quickly become my new go to, to let customers know about that are looking for an aggressive all ’round tire. You can depend on the quality that Mickey Thompson puts out, and Im confident in their product that I drive with my daughter in any vehicle I have Mickey Thompson’s on.

*While these tires were given to me from Mickey Thompson, these are my own and truthful opinion.


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