Throw Back to Conquering Greens Mountain

I wrote this back in July 2019, and only featured it on my IG & FB page. I felt that this needed another revival due to how amazing it feels to conquer hot spots. I have since done Greens a few more times since this post, I was really able to fully enjoy trail with my friends.

I have been waiting for 8/10 years to come back to Greens Mountains and redo some terrifying spots that left me breathless in my TJ. The 8/10 years was not because I was scared, but because I was so busy trying to do other things, my own conquests were put on hold. With our 201 clinics, we decided to dive on in and go do Greens Mountain. Coming up to our event, I hurt myself, but was still determined to do greens, no matter the advice I was given (to take it easy 😂). And I’m so glad I didn’t listen, my body does not agree. 
There were two obstacles I was nervous coming to, and only because I was recalling my previous experience in my TJ. The first one we came to, I laughed when I saw it, because it look so tiny then what I remembered. I easily took that. The second one I was nervous about, is the well known spot on greens, superman. Guys. The difference from my TJ to my JK is night & day. It was a walk in the fucking park. When I got down that, I laughed. All these years of talking about this obstacle and the nerves I had. THEY ARE FUCKING GONE. What a difference years of wheeling with awesome people, amazing guides (seriously, my wheeling improved so much when I started to wheel with Ryan & Nate), and a different Jeep. I got in your Greens Mountain, & I fucking owned you. 💪🏽.

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